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Ml1 provides big data analytics services that convert
your data into valuable insights.

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Big Data and Analytics Services

We help enterprises integrate and bring together large volumes of data and analyze
it to drive better business decisions. Our AI-powered data analytics services apply
science and the latest tools and technologies that pull your data to the right place.

We use word-class software to bring the best
solution for data management

Apache Hadoop

ML1 utilizes Hadoop functionalities to manage structured and
unstructured data processing and store big data applications.


By using the Hadoop Distributed File System module,
we manage large data sets that can be stored across
nodes in a cluster in a fault-tolerant manner.

Big Graph

With Hadoop Big Data Graph, ML1 creates and manipulates
data. These graphs contain nodes, edges, and properties, all
of which are used to represent and store data.

Map Reduce

ML1 uses the Map Reduce molecule for parallel processing
of large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on
a cluster that filters and stores the data.

Apache Spark

ML1 utilizes Spark functionalities to process data on the large scale. It uses a
multi-language (i.e Python, SQL, Scala, Java) engine for executing data engineering
that provides an interface for implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance.

Data Streaming

Process your data in batches and real-time
streaming, using your preferred language.

Data Science

Perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on petabyte-
scale data without having to resort to downsampling.

Machine Learning

Train machine learning algorithms on a laptop and use
the same code to scale to fault-tolerant clusters of
thousands of machines.