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ML1 Cloud Computing

Our robust API integration services modernize your
applications with multiple cloud computing platforms.

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Application Modernization
and Development

Cloud Computing Services

Our API integration allows companies to connect to external cloud computing platforms
like Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Microsoft Azure that provide
key functionalities to applications. Our experts at ML1 integrate systems as well as
create dedicated APIs, connecting cloud computing software and applications.

Amazon Web
Services (AWS)

ML1 smoothly integrates with multiple
Amazon’s services and migrates your existing
application to the cloud and builds fully
configured clusters from scratch.

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Google Cloud
Platform (GCP)

ML1 is a full-spectrum integrator that not only
accelerates digital transformation on GCP but
also helps you to modernize your applications
and data on the cloud.

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Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure integration you will get instant
scalability, and enhanced performance. We utilize their
application programming interfaces so that you can
benefit from fast and efficient interaction

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100% Transparency

At ML1, we believe in complete
transparency with our clients and we
keep them fully updated during the
entire integration process.



We use modern approaches to
implement cloud solutions that
accelerate the speed of the mission
while delivering high-quality outcomes.


Exceptional Quality

ML1 offers the right tools for the right
job that help mitigate obstacles before
integration, and provide improved
quality, and efficiency.