Image Analysis

ML1 Image Analysis

An automated solution to all your image classification
and analysis queries.

Custom Image
Recognition Solutions

Object Detection

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Computer Vision

Our computer vision software development team is helping you to add value to your
business with ML algorithms for image analysis. From object and feature detection to
automated data capture from images, we bring detailed and accurate computer vision
solutions for better performance.

Object Detection

ML1 develops custom object recognition and
analysis solutions focused on your business. We
detect insights from images for various needs and
precisely identify objects such as

  • Face Recognition
  • Product Identification
  • Vehicle Recognition
  • Logo Detection
  • Defect Detection
  • Object Classification

Image Processing

Our robust image recognition and picture analysis
solution, analyze and extract useful information
from the images such as data, characteristics,
bounding boxes, or masks.

  • Medical Visualization
  • Law Enforcement and security
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Pose Estimation
  • Semantic Segmentation

Data Processing

Our high-quality services find, capture, and
extract data automatically from unstructured
documents and automate work processes with
more accurate labeling.

  • Automated Data Entry
  • OCR Data Extractions
  • Optical Barcode Recognition
  • Feature Detection
  • Character Recognition

Demand Forecasting

We help manufacturers to decide what they should
produce and guides retailers toward what they should
stock. It also predicts the number of products to be
purchased during a defined future period

  • Financial Planning
  • Future Manufacturing Policy
  • Stock Prediction
  • Manpower Planning
  • Sales Planning

Benefits that make your
business grow faster

Standard Quality

Our proven image processing smartly and quickly
capture data from the image and delivers detailed
analysis and results to you that are easy to scale and
change with your needs.

Structured Operations

With automated personalized training, we
implement structured operations to annotate and
analyze images rapidly and meet all your standards
and quality.

ML-Powered Image Processing

Our high technology ML algorithms recognize patterns
and “read” images with accuracy higher than what a
human can achieve independently.

Multiple Data Format

You can upload multiple image formats for example
jpeg, png, tiff. We support all types of formats and
quality of the images and annotate them accurately
according to their shapes.