Text Analysis

ML1 Text Analysis

A platform for text and audio extraction to better
understand human language with NLP.

Custom Text
Identification Solutions

Text Detection

Total Places 7

Total Dates 5

Total Costs 3

Total Amounts 5

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Natural Level Processing

Our NLP expertise gives your business next-level digital assistance that is contextually
relevant, understands the language of people they use to communicate, and makes better
decisions. We extract meaning from raw audio and text data to advance your NLP project.

Text Classification

We extract machine-readable information from
unstructured text to enable data-driven
approaches towards managing content and
gain valuable insights from them.

  • Information Extraction
  • Document Processing
  • Product Cataloging
  • Semantic Search
  • Content Management
  • Data Cleansing and Categorization

Sentiment Analysis

With our top-notch machine learning concept, we
analyze the hidden meanings behind tons of text
and easily detect your customer’s mood that
increases your business performance.

  • Search and Ad Relevance
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Plan Process Improvements
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Customer Support Analysis

Machine Translation

Our Machine Translation procedure robotized the
system and translates text or convert audio to text
from one language to multiple languages without
human contribution.

  • Automated Text Translation
  • Speech to Text, text to speech
  • Text Generation
  • Automated Transcription
  • Automated Chat-bots

Benefits that make your
business grow faster

Customer Success

Our first priority is our customer satisfaction,
that’s why we make sure that we provide
smooth integration and high-quality services to
our customers.

Multi-lingual Support

We support multiple languages for translation,
categorization, classifications, and determining
emotions. With our highly trained experts,
we make sure that you get everything you want.

Lexicon Development

Our trained lexicon development team has a wide
coverage. It’s easy to transfer process transcribe audio
snippets to text and analyze specific domains.

High Standard Quality

ML1 high standard quality assurance system
built a system where we reduce manual search
and cost and increase the quality of work with
more accuracy.